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Logging On 

Administrator and Basic Accounts

All users at your company share a single Hub Market Data installation, accessed through a Web browser, which means that you can share retrieval templates and processing configurations.

One or more users at your company has an Administrator account; other users have Basic accounts. Both account types can create and edit data retrieval templates and jobs; however, only an Administrator can delete templates and jobs.

If you have a Basic account, you may not see every menu option discussed on the Help screens.

Logging On

Enter your Client ID, User ID, and Password, then click the Logon button.

Only one user at a company can log on at a time.

If you have forgotten any of the required information, please contact us by submitting an Online Support Request or by calling your support number.
If you need to set up an account, contact us at info@advent.com or 800.727.0605

A Note About Menus

The main menu for the Hub Market Data Web site is always located at the left-hand side of your browser window. Menu options followed by an ellipsis (...) lead to a secondary menu. Follow the gray links above the secondary menu to return to the primary menu.

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